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Our campaign

UK Conservatives press for method of production labelling

30th September 2016 - The Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation (CAWF) has called on the British government to introduce method of production labelling for all meat and dairy products. CAWF, said: 'Brexit offers an unprecedented opportunity to take back control of British food production and for more farmers to shift from volume to quality production and help safeguard the future of British farming.' 

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British vets call for mandatory method of production labelling

19 September 2016 - The British Veterinary Association (BVA) has called for mandatory method of production food labelling, which could offer post-Brexit UK food producers and farmers a unique selling point by providing consumers  with the clear welfare labelling they want.  BVA is adding its voice to the Labelling Matters campaign for the introduction of mandatory method of production labelling of meat and dairy products.

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Labelling Matters

We are calling for mandatory method of production labelling of all meat and dairy products sold in the European Union.

  • Only mandatory labelling can provide real choice.
  • It ensures that consumers can accurately identify products from higher welfare or intensive farm systems.
  • More than three quarters of EU consumers support mandatory labelling.
  • In France 92% of consumers want it.
  • Mandatory labelling allows consumers to be citizens, meaning the market becomes honest, and ordinary people can drive standards.
  • Labelling creates a level playing field for farmers, and guarantees differentiation for producers delivering welfare quality.
  • Labels should be underpinned by assurance schemes that measure welfare outcomes.
  • Mandatory labelling is good for consumers, leads to growth in the higher welfare sector, and improves the lives of millons of farm animals each year.

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European consumers are confused by meat and dairy labels

New research into EU product labels provides compelling evidence that, based on the label alone, most consumers are likely to misinterpret the farming method used for meat and dairy products.


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Evidence shows EU consumers want to know how their food is produced

Independent research, published in 2013, shows that eight out of ten consumers in the European Union want to know which farm system has been used to produce their meat and dairy products.


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