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Our campaign

Labelling Matters

Labelling Matters is the campaign for clear and honest, method of production labelling of meat and dairy products across the European Union.



The majority of European consumers want to be able to buy food products that are better for farm animal welfare. The EU Animal Welfare Strategy 2012-15 aims to place consumers in the driving seat.  Clear, objective food labelling is a key mechanism for market-based reform.  Method of production labelling already exists on shell eggs.  It has helped consumers drive improvements for millions of egg laying hens because it enabled them to answer the simple question, 'How was this animal kept?'


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European consumers are confused by meat and dairy labels

New research into EU product labels provides compelling evidence that, based on the label alone, most consumers are likely to misinterpret the farming method used for meat and dairy products.


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Evidence shows EU consumers want to know how their food is produced

Independent research, published in 2013, shows that eight out of ten consumers in the European Union want to know which farm system has been used to produce their meat and dairy products.


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