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In November, at the invitation of DG Sanco, Labelling Matters presented landmark consumer research which shows that most consumers want method of production labelling extended to all meat and dairy products sold in the EU. Labelling Matters partners were joined by Reineke Hamleers, Director of Eurogroup for Animals.  She explained that consumers from across Europe support clear, honest, labelling of food.  The presentation showed that method of production labelling, underpinned with outcome-based assessments, is the best way to accurately inform consumers, empowering them to drive improvements from the market place - a key ambition of Commission's Animal Welfare Strategy.

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Comment aider le consommateur dans ses choix? Avoir l’indication du mode d’élevage des cochons sur les emballages des jambons et charcuteries, comme pour les œufs, pourquoi pas?  Dans son documentaire « Une vie de cochon » diffusé mardi 12 novembre 2013 sur la France 2, Olivia Mokieiewski a enquêté sur ce qui se cache derrière notre jambon et posé la question de l’étiquetage du mode d’élevage à Système U, 4ème chaine de supermarché en France (minute 56’20 dans le documentaire). 

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Eurogroup for Animals joins Labelling Matters campaign

Posted: 18/10/2013

Eurogroup for Animals has joined an ever-widening coalition of support for mandatory method of production labelling and the Labelling Matters campaign. Eurogroup spokesperson, Martyn Griffiths, said, 'Method of production labelling is the first step in helping consumers recognise the origin of meat and to make better informed choices. We have seen that the labeling of eggs proves that this system works and consumers appreciate being aware of what they buy and eat. Eurogroup for Animals believes that method of production labelling is perfectly in line with the aims of the European Commission's Animal Welfare strategy which aims to invest in better education of consumers.'

On Tuesday 10th September, CIWF and the Czech Society for Animals called for method of production labelling of meat and milk products, protesting that European Commission is keeping consumers in the dark. The event took place during Ekofestival, an all day presentation of environmental NGOs in Prague centre. The deputy mayor of Prague part 12 came and joined the activists. After the event Green Circle became an official campaign supporter. Support also came from the State Veterinary Administration spokesperson who said: “method of production labelling could be beneficial for consumers”.

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ANDA calls on the Commission to promote a system of labeling on animal welfare reported, 'The National Association for the Defence of Animals (ANDA) has focused today outside the European Commission headquarters in Madrid to warn of the need to increase the level of information provided to consumers on the factors related to animal welfare. "Currently, there is no animal welfare scale, similar to that already in the eggs," says Alberto Díez, ANDA spokesman.' 

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Labelling Matters supporter, OneKind, took to the streets in Edinburgh, Scotland on the 5th September.  They called on consumers to support EU-wide method of production labelling on all meat and dairy products.  Shoppers were invited to sign postcards to EU Commissioner Borg, explaining, 'I don’t want to be shopping in the dark'.  When the anticipated legislative framework for animal welfare is proposed in 2014, OneKind, and all Labelling Matters supporters and supporter groups, want mandatory method of production labelling to take centre stage.

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New independent research*, published on 9th July 2013, shows that eight out of ten consumers in the European Union want to know which farm system has been used to produce their meat and dairy products. The European Commission is resisting this change and wants to keep consumers in the dark about where their food actually comes from.

Nový nezávislý průzkum*, zveřejněný dnes, prokazuje, že osm z deseti českých spotřebitelů chce vědět, jaký způsob chovu byl využit při výrobě jejich masných a mléčných výrobků. (09/07/2013) Evropská komise se této změně brání a chce udržovat spotřebitele v nevědomosti o tom, odkud jejich potraviny doopravdy pocházejí.

Une nouvelle étude indépendante*, publiée aujourd’hui, montre que 9 consommateurs français sur 10 veulent savoir de quel système d’élevage sont issus leurs produits carnés et laitiers. (09/07/2013) La Commission européenne résiste à cette demande et semble vouloir garder les consommateurs dans l’ignorance sur la provenance de leur nourriture.

Commission keeps consumers in the dark

Posted: 19/04/2013

1st March 2013 - Compassion in World Farming says, Commission keeps consumers in the dark

The recent and ongoing horsemeat scandal has brought to light a simple and ugly truth: we as consumers don’t know what we are eating, where our food is from or how it was produced. Questions regarding the horses’ welfare remain largely unanswered.

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EU realises that 'Labelling Matters'

Posted: 14/06/2013

A new system for labelling fish products, agreed by the European Union, will give consumers information about the way their fish is caught and sets a precedent for clearer labelling of other animal products.

Method of catch labelling will give consumers information about the fishing system used to produce their food. They will be able to use this to make informed choices, based on ethical grounds.

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