Supporters of method of production labelling

The following organisations support our call for the European Commission to agree farm system definitions by species, that accurately describe the farming method used, and which are recognisable to consumers - and then using those definitions, to deliver method of production labelling of all meat and dairy products sold in the EU.

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"It's the position of the Albert Schweitzer Foundation for Our Contemporaries that honest labeling is one of the keys to increase animal welfare and to foster an open discussion about our ethical obligations towards animals. Current labeling practices regularly deceive consumers and lead to an unjustified ease.
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In countries such as Spain where there are not an animal welfare assurances schemes a clear and trustful labelling system on this issue is urgently needed.
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Animalia (Finland) supports a compulsory labeling system of all animal products accurately describing the farming methods used. Compulsory labeling would provide both consumers and producers a crucially important chance to improve animal welfare.

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BritishCheeseEmporium ist entschlossen in seinem Bestreben ein einheitliches, einfaches und ehrliches Etikettierungssystem in der gesamten EU zu unterstützen. Milch- und Fleischbauern, die besonders auf das Wohlergehen Ihres Viehbestandes achten, verdienen Lob und Anerkennung und der Verbraucher, der solche Landwirte unterstützen möchte, sollte das ohne Behinderung oder Verwirrung tun können.

BritishCheeseEmporium is determined in its support of a single simple, truthful and honest labelling system across the EU.  Dairy and meat producers who strive to uphold decent standards of welfare for their livestock deserve recognition and consumers who seek to support such producers ought to be able to do so without confusion or hinderance.

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Farms Not Factories

Farms Not Factories supports mandatory method of production labelling on all meat and dairy products. Clear labelling of both high animal welfare and intensive production methods is essential for consumers to make an informed choice about the food they buy. It has been proven that, when informed, people are willing to spend a little more on higher welfare food, rather than on products from an intensive system in which overcrowding and lack of bedding means that the animals suffer stress and disease, are prone to aggressive behaviour and have to be routinely given antibiotics. Clear labelling benefits farm animals, the farmers who invest in better conditions for their livestock, the environment and human health.

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Lack of transparency on method of production is a major reason for continued animal suffering as consumers are expected to buy meat and dairy foods without knowing how they were produced. Four Paws supports Labeling Matters' call on the commission to deliver on method of production labeling  because it allows consumers to make an informed choice and gives animals a better chance.

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Free Range Dairy Network CIC

Free Range Dairy supports the Labelling Matters campaign because we believe consumers should be able to make a more informed choice about the milk and dairy products they buy. Without clear labelling to explain the farming system, people are currently unable to distinguish between milk that comes from grazing herds or intensive farming operations where cows are housed all year round. The Free Range Dairy Pasture Promise label gives a clear assurance that milk comes from cows that are free to graze in fields for at least six months of the year and that farmers receive a fair price.

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Glopolis supports the demands of Labelling Matters campaign because consumers have a right to know what is the quality of the meat and dairy products they buy. Not all farming models have the same impacts on our health and the environment.
Today, it is hard for the consumers to know if their food comes from sustainable or factory farms. Factory farms not only guarantee lower animal welfare, but also strongly depend on cheap soy from latin America to feed animals. Large scale intensive soy plantation in Argentina and Brazil are a cause of deforestation, pollution and greenhouse gas emissions that weaken ecosystems locally and globally and people depending from it.
Labels better enable people to support the food system they want.
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Intimate With Nature Society (IWNS), Bulgaria absolutely support the "Labelling Matters" campaign. We believe that the information about where the food comes from and how the animals are being taken care of is important for the consumers and should be involved in the label of the product (as it is included in eggs labels). This way the consumers will be able to make their choice by one more criteria and many will choose to buy products of higher animal welfare.
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We are aware of the need of modern legislation which is consequentially enforceable in practice. Therefore we fully support Labelling Matters campaign. We suppose that better public awareness of animal farming will bring about their increased interest in method of rearing and slaughtering of animals they consume. Consumers will be able to choose higher welfare food which together with good public education and information will increase the sale of products from farmers who respect welfare needs of animals.

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OneKind supports a simple, mandatory labelling scheme to allow all European consumers choosing animal-derived products to know how those animals lived and died. Animal welfare is an integral part of quality and we know that labelling works – for people and animals.

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Pro-bio Liga supports the the Labelling Matters campaign primarily because of the fact that it is very often lack of awareness or deliberate disguise of reality that enables doing evil. In the field of food production is this evil represented by disastrous and inhumane conditions livestock breeding, that are enabled mainly because of the fact that its investors (consumers) frequently can not obtain enough information on where does their money flow. Because of this, the campaing towards fairer labelling of animal products is very important and we believe in its success.

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Pro-bio Liga podporuje kampaň Na etiketě záleží zejména proto, že je to často právě nevědomost či záměrné zakrývání skutečnosti, které umožňuje páchat mnoho zla. V oblasti produkce potravin za toto zlo můžeme považovat například katastrofální a nelidské podmínky pro chov hospodářských zvířat, které jsou možné zejména proto, že ti, kteří celý systém financují (spotřebitelé) často nemohou získat dostatek informací o tom, kam jejich finance plynou. Z tohoto důvodu je kampaň za férovější značení živočišné produkce velmi významná a věříme v její úspěch.

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Peopleriver is in full support of the Labelling Matters campaign. We urgently need to reconnect with the food we eat, for the sake of our own health and the health of the planet. Accurate Information regarding were our food comes from and how it is produced should be readily available to consumers. Clear labelling would be a vital step forward in raising awareness and improving the welfare of animals.

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PROVIEH supports the mandatory 'method of production' labelling because we believe that consumers have the right to know what they are buying. While food labelling rules in many parts of Europe are still lax enough to allow for misleading images and information on packages, the method of production labelling would make consumers aware of their choices. The mandatory European egg labelling scheme has shown how consumers move away from non-animal welfare friendly products when given clear and simple information. PROVIEH is aware that not only 'input factors' like the production method play a vital role for farm animal welfare. Good management and stockmanship are also extremely important in order to achieve good animal welfare. PROVIEH therefore supports the intention to further back up the labelling terms with a strong system for assuring welfare outcomes measured through animal based indicators.

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SEY (Finland) strongly supports the development of creating compulsory farm definitions and comprehensive labelling system. Existing egg labelling system has significantly affected hen farming conditions and animal welfare. SEY encourages EU to further consumers' right to make well-informed decisions when they're buying any animal products.
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Sloboda zvierat

Sloboda zvierat (Slovakia) is convinced that all animals are equal and they all deserve a good life and equal conditions.
Labelling of products from animals helps consumers to see the differences in their life conditions - give them a chance to make buying decisions responsibly and so improve living conditions and welfare of livestock.
If hens enjoy this opportunity, why not the other animals used for producing our food?
It's the least we can do for them!

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Svoboda zvířat (Animal Freedom, Czech Republic) supports Labelling Matters campaign. We believe this project is a good way towards what can be called deliverance of animals. No matter we want or not, society where we live is a society of consumption which is also its key drive. And it is consumer public who have the power in their hands to influence quality of farm animals lives. Consumers are those who must require high farm animal welfare standards otherwise factory farming will never change. We believe the clear information about the origin of the products they buy can help them.  Also such labelling would have educational effect which is very important whilst most of the people have no idea how animals are reared and slaughtered. This can then help many of them to decide for vegan lifestyle.

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Společnost pro zvířata

Společnost pro zvířata/Society for Animals – ČR
Czech: Společnost pro zvířata - ZO ČSOP velice podporuje kampaň "Na etiketě záleží". Zavedení povinného označování živočišných potravin podle způsobu chovu hospodářských zvířat je klíčové pro opravdové a rychlé ukončení jejich chovu způsoby, které jim působí bolest, trauma a celoživotní strádání. Ke kampani by se měl připojit každý, komu není lhostejné utrpení jiných živých tvorů a nechce svým nákupem podporovat špatné a neetické jednání.
English: Society for Animals supports the Labelling Matters campaign very much. Introduction of mandatory method of production labelling for animal-derived food is crucial for real and fast end of methods of farming which causes animals´ pain, trauma and lifelong suffering. Anybody who isn´t indifferent to the suffering of other living creatures and doesn´t want to support bad and unethical action by his or her shopping should join this campaign.
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People are very interested to know how their food is produced, particularly meat, dairy and eggs. At the moment, method of production labelling is often difficult to understand, provided in an obscure code that only experts can read, or (worst of all) completely absent. This means that shoppers have little opportunity to show their support for animal production that supports happy and healthy birds and animals. Clear labelling is therefore a priority to help people make a well-informed choice.


Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming, which runs projects to improve the health and sustainability of food provided by retailers and caterers, including food served in schools and hospitals

Zelený kruh, asociace 28 environmentálních NNO

Na každých tisíc lidí na světě připadá 1300 kuřat, 600 slepic a 270 prasat. Záleží  nám na tom, jak se daří našim dětem, našim rodičům a mnohdy i lidem na druhé straně zeměkoule, ale kvalita života tisíců zvířat, které za život sníme, nás nechává lhostejnými. Ať už jej vnímame nebo ne, je v tom rozpor. A je dobře, že se na něj tato iniciativa snaží upozornit. 

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Green Circle, association of 28 Czech environmental NGOs

For every thousand people there are 1300 chicken, 600 hens and 270 pigs on the world. We consider living conditions of our children, parents and often even people at the opposite side of the planet, but the quality of life of thousands of animal, which we eat during our life, leaves us indiferent. Recognised by us, or not, it is a contradiction. We are glad this initiave points to it.

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